Thursday 28 January 2010

Building the Future Internet Testbed

It has been a while since I posted to this blog and I probably have to write a catch-up of the few things I have researched and done in the mean time. Most of my time has been spent in my own company Arch Red doing marketing, sales, contracts, negotiations and occasionally also tech stuff (if I have been lucky).

But luckily I have managed also to drive things forward on the research side also. Maybe the most notable accomplishment from last year is the work done for ICT SHOK Future Internet. Together with CSC we have managed to define an architecture and a concept for Future Internet Testbed even if the research partners in this Tekes programme are still researching figuring out what technologies the Future Internet might contain.

We have managed to define the Future Internet testbed architecture and concept so that it can embrace, combine and connect both existing and new technologies in a consistent way with clearly defined procedures. It is possible to use the testbed as a marketing channel for letting others know what kind of service you are developing or use it to cover the kind of services and network access, which you may need for your research, but are unable to provide and build by your own because of resources, time or because building and maintaining overlapping infrastructure is just plainly unnecessary.

The ICT SHOK Future Internet is all about connectivity and cooperation on multiple levels -- just like the Internet has been and will be also in the Future.