Monday 15 October 2007

I have a cunning plan...

... to research Building Community Networks, Internet Communities and Interconnecting Services, which pretty much means I can quite freely explore and experiment with community networking and Internet community services and call it work or background research. Ingenious, isn't it? :)

Friday 12 October 2007

Utilising IPv6 in home networks

Recently I wrote a paper for Terena Networking Conference 2007 about utilising OpenWRT, OpenVPN and 6to4 to bring IPv6 connectivity both to home network and for mobile terminals connected to the home network. The paper seemed good enough to be accepted into the Emerald Publishing's Campus-Wide Information Systems journal and this Friday I finally received printed versions of the journal and article.

In case you are interested in IPv6 connectivity, OpenWRT or OpenVPN, the paper should also be available here (seems to require Emerald Publishing's subscription):

Earlier and free versions of the presentation available here:

The presentation was a part of the video archived session stored here:

Thursday 11 October 2007

Google Code of Educators

This looka interesting. Google has created pages for Computer Science educators which contain tutorials and sample course content on AJAX Programming, Distributed Systems and Web Security. Have to get some time to go through these myself to get my own expertise up-to-date.

In the beginning there was a map

Unlike real explorers I already have a map of online communities to follow. Welcome to join me on a quest to figure out what the Web 2.0, online and network communities all about, what makes them tick and how to build successful ones and even get some business out of it.

This is my research blog describing, publishing and documenting the process of getting my Doctor of Technology (which by the way sounds more interesting than PhD) degree and having fun researching and inventing stuff in between.

And now the obligatory:

first post evah! \o/