Wednesday 6 February 2008

Special Topics in Networking postgraduate course starting at TUT on Friday 8th February 2008

TLT-2656 Special Topics in Networking (3-4 cr)

Kickoff: Friday 8.2.2008 14:00 at TB216 at Tampere University of Technology

Course Content

With the emergence of environments rich with wireless networks, mobile users and portable but computationally powerful devices, this course addresses current issues in pervasive networking and connectivity. The aim of the course is to contain seminar topics discussing various aspects in this area with respect to the emerging technologies, standards, infrastructure, user interactions as well as business models.

Areas of interest lie in the following categories:

* Network Technologies for Metropolitan, Community and Home Wireless Networks
* Approaches to Reachability using Tunnelling and Overlay Networks
* Content Delivery and Peer-to-Peer Networks
* Seamless Handovers and Network Mobility Protocols
* Vehicular Communication Technologies
* Intermittent Connectivity and Delay-Tolerant Networks
* Naming and Service Discovery
* Positioning and Geolocation Protocols
* Aspects of Virtual Community and Social Networking
* Pervasive networks using Ad-hoc and Personal Area Networks
* Connectivity in Challenging Environments
* Security and Privacy
* User-centric Studies in Pervasive networks
* Roles and Revenue models for Businesses and Operators

Specific topics in the above areas would be provided when the course begins. Depending on popularity, students' interests and ability, some topics can be subdivided to address more specific issues.

Students are also encouraged to propose their own topics, especially if they are researching/working in a related area.